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Standard Home Inspection

Homes between 600 and 2000 square ft.

Homes between 2000 and 3000 square ft.

Homes over 3000 square ft.

$400 to $425
Condos and small dwellings

Septic Inspections Range

$200 to $300
depending ease of locating the tank and drain field

if the tank lids are exposed.

Be sure to have your real estate agent advise the vendors not to have the septic tank pumped before I arrive, otherwise I will not be able to comment on the septic system being functional.

Dug Well Inspection

A thorough inspection of a dug well with supply and recovery reporting is

$100 to $300

depending on location of well

Additional Costs

A premium of $100 to $125 could be added for Crawlspaces that are wet or have less than 18 inches clearance are difficult and sometimes dangerous.

Homes built prior to 1955 can have many extra issues to inspect and numerous items to educate you about and therefore will have a premium of $100 added to the inspection fee.

In-law suites or apartments will have a premium of $100 added to the inspection fee.

Mould testing and air quality testing

Pricing starts at $255.00 which breaks down to the following: Mould Testing is taking actual samples of the mould from a surface to determine the type of mould(s). First sample is $155, plus subsequent samples are $100 each, or one mould sample combined with air samples would only be an extra $100. Air Quality testing, which will supply information regarding type and quantity of mould spores in the air, requires a minimum of two samples; one outside and one inside (depending on the areas of concern there can be more samples needed inside). The first three samples are $330.00 plus each additional air sample is $100. I would need to discuss with you the appropriate tests needed.Testing for asbestos in building materials, if there is a concern, costs $100 per sample.

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